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I approached Anisha regarding hypnotherapy having had great results from hypnotherapy for a separate issue in the past.  I was seeking help with growing levels of anxiety surrounding my role at work which has involved an increasing amount of public speaking and presenting.  I was finding it very difficult to manage my anxiety in the run up to and during presentations which led to physiological symptoms including dry mouth, rapid breathing, blushing and an urge to clear my throat.  I hoped that hypnotherapy might help me to break the negative association I had developed with speaking in public.


The sessions with Anisha helped me to lessen my fears surrounding making presentations.  I still don’t relish the though of them but removing the negative association which I had built up in my mind with public speaking has enabled me to grow in confidence, the effect of which is cumulative as, with each presentation I make which I feel has been successful my confidence increases for the next time.


Anisha instantly put me at my ease and I felt very comfortable talking through my concerns.  The sessions were very relaxing and I came away from each one feeling lighter.  I have found the anchoring technique to be incredibly helpful; I have even found myself employing it subconsciously.


I contacted Anisha about hypnotherapy as I had lacked self confidence most of my adult life.  As the owner of a small business I felt that this was holding me back especially in social situations such as networking or promotional events.   Anisha was very kind, welcoming and I felt safe and relaxed talking about my issues, she explained how hypnotherapy worked in an easy to understand way.    I feel that my hypnotherapy sessions with Anisha have really helped me, I feel more confident, believe in my abilities and most of all I feel proud of what I've achieved in life.  


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